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At EVG we provide tourists with all the information they need to travel to Ethiopia. The following are your exclusive planning tips. We have every information covered


Step 1: let us help you decide and process you trip


- Heritage sites: visit the updated UNESCO world heritage sites listing so you can pick what and where to tour.

- Attractions: If you have picked Ethiopia as your destination, go to our major tourist attractions listings to discover what else there is of interest to you, whether historical, natural , cultural, parks, Mountains or lakes ... to plan your trip.

-Climate information: Check our climate information to pick the best season to visit your selected destination.

- Security information: visit our security information about the different parts of Ethiopia. Get our up to date info.

- Visa requirements:If you have made up your mind start making arrangements. Check our visa section to pick the right visa procedure for you.

- Embassies: Once you've learned about the visa requirements, go to our Ethiopian Embassies in the world to pick the one closest to you.

- Accommodation: get full listing of hotels  in Addis Ababa to get information on what to expect. Also visit our other accommodations link to check other options.

- Flight schedules: Once you have learned the visa requirements and the time it takes you to get it from your nearest embassy, and if you have decided the season of your tour, check our flight schedules link to book the flight that suits you.

Step:2 Made your primary decisions and chose how to process your visa? Ready to travel? Here are more information that you need.

- Airport requirements: precautions you need to take prior to taking off as Addis Ababa international airport has its own regulations..

- Weather information: get our up to date weather forecast giving you a hint on what to pack prior to taking off.

- Must know norms: visit our basic cultures and norms collection as it is particularly important to learn about taboos, polite/impolite... to avoid offending, being offended or shocked.

- Basic Ethiopian words: Learn about Languages in Ethiopia and check our useful communication words in 3 major Ethiopian languages : Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromiffah.

- Transportation: visit our transportation in Addis Ababa link what you need to know starting from airport shuttle and how much charge you should expect.

- Service directory: Information on our categorized service directory that you might need from the moment you land.

-Tourist tips: Learn basic precautions from our tips for tourists in Ethiopia starting from the taxi cab you take from the airport all the way to advises to heed in different situations.


Step 3 : Settled in? Here is what you might need from your second day in Addis

- Learn about the city: please visit our Addis Abeba page to learn a little about the cities concise history.

- Security information: visit our Addis Ababa security page to learn about the characterisitics of all corners of the city. This useful link will provide you with precautions you need to take while moving in the city.

- Transport in Addis Ababa: all the transportation advise including price advise, options and description of all the existing modes of transportation in Addis Abeba.

- Attractions in Addis Abeba: visit our categorized tourist attractions in Addis Ababa to decide what to see and how.

- Guidance and translation: should you need a guide or translator while you are in the city what are the options, the pros and cons, where and how to find one.

- Addis Ababa guide: our" I want to..."  series will provide you with a long list of what a tourist might want to do in Addis and provide you info about each.( coming soon)

Step 4:Time to tour Ethiopia?


- Listing of tour and travel agencies: view our full and up to date listing of legally recognized tour agencies with their contact address.

- Touring options: different options to tour different parts of Ethiopia if you  opt not to use travel agencies. ( dependant on what and where you want to tour.)

- Transportation outside Addis: available options and descriptions available in our transportation outside Addis Abeba link.
- Security in different Ethiopian regions: Return to our security information link to check if there are security updates

- Hotels in different Ethiopian cities: pick your accommodation in all major Ethiopian cities and learn what to Expect.


Step 5: Back to Addis and ready for your return home?

- Refer to our souvenirs link in our service directory listing to learn where to buy your souvenirs;

- Go back to our airport information to learn customs regulations about some of the souvenirs that you might want to take.

Want to learn more about Ethiopia after your visit? refer to our ever expanding history link to learn more.

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