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First and foremost rest assured that Addis Ababa is one of the safest cities in Africa in the world. It is one of the very few countries where jewlery shops display their most expensive original items on display in mirror display with no security protection. It is also one of the very few countries in the world where you can safely walk at night. Crime rates are low even when compared to cities like Washington D.C

Jewelry shops in Addis Abeba

This said however no part of the world is completely free from security risks. In Addis Ababa the worst you can fear is petty theft and pick pocketing. No traveler to Addis Ababa has never been prey to serious crime.

Addis Ababa is a large city with every area having its own characteristic. We have compiled basic security information based on cases reported. Our security in Addis Ababa page provides you with basic security advises that you need to put into consideration.

Please be informed that we provide tourists with new developments and update our information as soon as a new security situation prevails.


Location name
What you find

Security situation

Bole Road, Tele medhanealem Cinemas, European standard bars, lounges, night club Very safe Take little care when you talk on your mobile especially at night
Merchato The biggest market place in Ethiopia where you see a wide range of products on sale including small pieces of scrap Safe

- Do not carry a lot of cash or precious items in your pockets as there are highly experienced pick pockets.


- Leave your expensive jewleries at your hotels like necklaces at your hotel's reception;

- Try to put on comfortable shoes when you go to merchato;avoid high hill shoes as it will not be comfortable;

- Beware on how you hold your camera and talk over your mobile phone.

- If you are in groups try to remain close to each other at all times as its very easy to get lost;

-If possible ask an Ethiopian or guide to show you around.

If you take these basic precautions Merchato is safe to visit and is one unforgettable experience.

Entoto Hills


- Museum containing precious items of the emperor Menelik;

- The first church in Addis Abeba

- A top view of the whole of Addis from the peak of the mountains;

- Amazing view of the whole of Addis from Ballons.


- Avoid climbing the whole hill on foot especially if you are alone;

- Do not have picnics in empty areas of the hills (although few, some incidents of robbery have been reported)

- On another note, If you have respiratory or heart problems you should take serious care. ( The altitude is at its highest on Entoto hills and the level of oxygen is low. Although they are few, some Europeans have had breathing problems while walking on the hills.

4 kilo and 6 kilo

(pronounced 'aratkilo' and ' sedest kilo)


- National palace

- Former Hailesellasie palace and the current Addis Abeba Univeristy

- Museum containing different items of Hailesellassie and cultural items( within the compound of the University)Addis Abeba Museum

Perfectly safe

- Beware when you talk over your mobile;

- Do not take pictures of the National palace as it is restricted and you risk that your camera being confiscated.

Shiromeda This is an area specializing in textile and souvenir shops. This is where you should go to buy souvenirs that you take back home and see different types of traditional clothes Perfectly safe


- Beware of pick pockets;

- On another note, take an Ethiopian guide when you go to buy souvenirs in order to get them at the right price.

Churchil road


- Souvenir shops;

- Monument of the Derg regime

perfectly safe


- Beware of pick pockets;

- On another note, take an Ethiopian guide when you go to buy souvenirs in order to get them at the right price.


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