Known as the Ethiopian paradise, Wondogenet is one place that anyone passionate with nature should visit. Wondogenet is rich in forestry and after the famous mountain for about half hour, you will get your eyes on one of the most beautiful scenery and top view all the way to lake Awassa.

Wondogenet is home to one of the hotspring waters in the country. Many say that the spring water remedies different physical illnesses. The spring water in the mountains of Wondogenet are above 100 degree celcius. The locals use it to cook potatoes .

monkey in wondogenetHotspring shower in wondogenet
There is a wide variety of wildlife in wondogenet, particularly a wide variety of bird species and monkeys are plentiful. Wabishebele hotel in wondogenet provides the perfect spot to enjoy this natural wonder. You also have hot swimming pools and unique showers fed by the hot springs.



Wondogenet is less than 400 kilometers from Addis and you can get there in just a 4-5 hours drive. The wabishebele hotel resort is often crowded with people so if you want some privacy better go there in week days.

Wondogenet is rich when it comes to fruits. If you go there at the right time you will be able to pick avocados and mangos from trees yourself and enjoy fruits that are otherwise expensive in Europe.


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